2021-11-13 19:18:32+00

Well, not a lot of development is going on here on the site. I've been spending most of my time on Entropy, and a bit of messing around with my new MPK Mini. But as far as things like, making a front-end for posting updates (instead of basically manually inserting them into the DB), adding additional pages (like a non-soundcloud based music hub), and other things I've planned are not happening...quite yet.

However, I may have more free time in my future so there may be more updates to the site soon.

2021-10-16 14:22:25+00

Production studio V3 is live.

Been doing a bit of streaming, and getting back into twitch in general. I am officially a full fledged Kaizo addict and want to share that passion with the world and what better place to do it.

Also, the MPK Special Edition black is SICK

2021-09-18 16:44:52+00

This is my site where I host all the random stuff I make on computers, that includes music, games, ROM hacking, who knows what else.

By the way, updates on this page are running on my (mostly conceptual at this point) "Posts" system. I might log the development of it here (so meta). I'm aiming for a minimal post/reply system. It will be for simple site updates or even a basic forum.

That's going to be the "mission statement", "driving philosophy", or whatever, of this site: basic functionality and nothing more. I'm trying to avoid all the modern fancy website trickery, and capture the spirit of my old site way back around 2003.

And this isn't out of bitterness or disdain for the modern internet (I love the modern internet), it's more of a throwback thing. I'm trying to keep the simplicity of those times while learning all the new stuff you can do with CSS/HTML/JavaScript/PHP/Python/PostgreSQL, and make something a bit old and a bit new. And hopefully a bit different.

Wrath of the Seas - Ivan Aivazovsky