This is a Super Mario World ROM Hack I'm working on

The concept: AVAP*, short levels, short hack

*As Vanilla as Possible

Work Still in Progress
2022-06-03 14:52:17+00

I'm still here - still working on the hack, and have lots and lots of exciting stuff to share over the next 2 months.

Been thinking it over, and I think I will aim for a release date during SMW Central's C3 Summer 2022 Convention. If you're not aware SMWCentral.net hosts a convention (multiple times a year) where there is a dedicated forum for everyone showing off everything they worked on recently. This year's summer event is July 8th through July 12th - and then 10 days after that is KLDC. Shit is getting hot is all I'm saying.

Anyways, I actually added my whole project to a github repo - I can now sleep at night - a cloud backup of my now 439 day project. With full version control and all that. Oh, special tip to anyone doing LM stuff on Git - add everything in ./sysLMRestore to .gitignore - there are some massive files in there and I don't think the built in restore functionality is really even needed with something like git.

This random screen grab of my first commit is here - with some little hints about the current music selection in there :)

Anyways, a quick rundown of what's new before I post more details (hopefully this weekend):

Since 11/13/2022 - The Yoshi level is done, there is a new final castle room in the works, I've scrapped TWO levels, and created half of one more and plan on doing yet one more before wrapping the project. Oh, in addition to a github repo there is also now a trello board tracking the status. If I want to make C3 I will unfortunately have to do some amateur project management.


Also, I'm doing lots of brainstorming on a concept for a short-form hack that could be really cool and I am doing everything in my power to focus on Entropy first before I dive in to the next round...

So Fresh, So Clean
2021-11-13 19:05:36+00

Well, after one game-breaking issue too many, I've transferred just the bare minimum over to a clean ROM.

Entropy was basically my KLDC level ROM with more levels added. That in itself was based on my very first ROM to ever edit with Lunar Magic, PIXI, AddMusick, etc.

So, there was absolutely tons and tons of essentially garbage assets, and the ROM itself had bizzare and unexplainable bugs (even with help from SMWCentral).

But now, I have a clean project folder and a clean base ROM to use in the future, and a version of Entropy that will be even more close to a "vanilla experience".

Oh, and there are a total of 6 levels done, two half-levels done, and I keep saying I'll just make one more level but I'm pretty sure this (#7) will be the last one I do before I finish the castle and the secret exits. Probably.

More Levels, Thoughts, Etc.
2021-11-01 07:41:10+00

I'm too lazy for screenshots this morning, but I finished the cave level.

Actually, the cave level spawned a sublevel, a Torpedo Ted ride into an underwater boo fight.

Not sure if the boo fight is absurd, just good enough, or too easy. These are all common thoughts as I'm designing this whole hack actually.

Speaking of absurd or maybe good ideas, I'm thinking of having a limited (if any) overworld in this hack. My idea at the moment is to have no goal tape, just doors at the end of every level that lead to one-screen "preview" obstacles for the next level.

Checkpoints would have to save to SRAM which I would have to figure out, but I know is totally possible. Or maybe no saves, you have to play it in one sitting.

Or I could go next level, with a suggestion from chat, and make it limited lives. Should I really try to capture the spirit of old school games or would that kind of stuff verge into the "too annoying" category? I mean, you can always use savestates if you really want.

Weekend Update
2021-10-18 04:24:48+00

Finished the disco shell level today. At least, I think it's great now but just wait a couple of weeks. I always end up making edits.

I also started a new cave level (above), so far I've done section 1 in about 6 hours on stream. It is so nice to just chat and make levels. Very chill.

Disco Boy
2021-10-16 14:33:55+00

The disco shell level is coming along nicely.

I am really proud of this setup, it has one of the tightest obstacles I've done, but it feels so satisfying once you learn it.

Feel like I've hit my stride in designing levels, feels like I have a style. Also have made more progress on the hack in the last few weeks than I have in the last few months, it's starting to flow. I'd be interested in hearing more feedback so I might even put up a demo BPS once I get a couple more levels done.

If you're on twitch and want to playtest, just whisper me at twitch.tv/oyok

2021-10-10 23:06:46+00

Did more work on the ropes and lifts level today.

Also, I mention above that this hack is "As Vanilla as Possible", to expand on that a little bit, this basically means (as I'm thinking at the moment) that I'm using only vanilla graphics assets, with small modifications allowed. Custom sprites are technically used in every level so far, but they are only disassemblies or other variations on existing vanilla sprites.

Custom music is allowed though, who wants to sing "Not Roy!" in their head a million times anymore anyway. Oh and instant retry, no prompt.

I have nothing against hacks that use custom assets, but it's distracting to me as a beginner level designer when I'm just trying to focus on making something with nothing "out there" or "innovative", but just a simple Kaizo hack with hopefully some fresh variations on old classic tropes.

2021-09-25 12:42:18+00

Started work on level number 4 today.